Soldier’s Story…Full Version!!!

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Here it is people…..the full version of Soldier’s Story….FINALLY…produced by Marcel X….


Snippets from the upcoming EP are finally here….

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Production from The Mute Ants, Marcel X & Jake Beats. There may be a few surprises on the final product…stay tuned for a release date.

Broken Dreams & Chicken Wings?

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EP. Broken Dreams & Chicken Wings? April? Stay Tuned….

#BrokenDreamsAndChickenWings #BDACW

Links updated + EP info

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So as most of you know, Megaupload went down because of that SOPA bullshit. Find out more about that here.

Anyways, as a result, the links to my mixtapes have been down for the past week. I reuploaded them to another location. So we’re good. Click the covers on the side to download.

Also, the EP is coming along good. So far I have finished tracks produced by Jake Beats, Marcel X, and this dope new up and coming duo from VA by the name of the Mute Ants (The Mutants)…lots of dope shit coming soon…

(Brand New) 2011 Update to the Baltimore Ravens Anthem “Game Time”

•November 7, 2011 • 2 Comments

Alot of Ravens fans have been asking where they can download the song that’s in “The West Wing LA” videos….So, I figured I’d post it on my website so y’all can have an easy way to download it. Here’s the 2011 update to the Gametime song I created last year for the Baltimore Ravens…Either link below works.

Also, Look for a few snippets from the upcoming EP sometime this week!

Ravens fa sho

P.S.: Go Ravens…F the Steelers!

You can now Download my mixtapes on the sidebar!!!

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Made a slight change to the website to make it easier to find and download my previous mixtapes.

“Identity Crisis” and “The Death of…” now appear on the sidebar and can now be downloaded by clicking on the album cover.

I’m heading back to L.A. for good next week…Look for my as yet titled EP this fall…with the possible first single, “A Soldier’s Story” coming very soon!!!


Link to Yesterday’s Podcast

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Here’s a link to yesterday’s Insanity Check podcast. I had a blast with @insanitycheck and @saydatagain.

We talked about alot of crazy stuff including:

-My trip to Europe

-Titty Testers

-Bad Ass Kids

-Lack of Black folks in epic movies

-Bill Maher/Casey Anthony

-Updates about my music

-and more

Check it out here



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